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Jan 19, 2020

Truly knowing yourself can have a great impact on how you go through life.

In this episode the importance and benefits of knowing yourself is broken down into simple "how to" steps that you can apply throughout your day to increase your self awareness. 

Once you know how you show up and function at your best it's a key...

Jan 15, 2020

In this special episode of Lizdom we are joined with guests Shelly Rock & Jamie Haberl of the Iowa Healthiest State Inititiative to discuss Iowa's new Mental health awareness program, Make it OK.

Make it OK is a community campaign to reduce stigma by starting conversations and increasing understanding about...

Jan 11, 2020

We all have a certain identity about ourselves that we align with, and that comes with a set of habits and routines that each individual incorporates into their life based on their perceived identity.

In this episode of Lizdom you will hear from two inspiring guests as we discuss our nighttime and morning routines and...